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Marwan Al-Soltany

My name is Marwan AbdulKareem Al-Soltany,
(Also known as: MAKS), Iraqi guy.
I was born on July 12th '97, in Baghdad, Iraq; and I live there.
I'm a Student, and a co-founder of the three *IQC's founders. *Click on IQC for more info.
I'm interested in: Gaming, Designing, Photographing and Developing.
I ♥ : Music, Movies, and Football (FC Barcelona forever :D).

These are some of my work, hope you like it.

Black Sea Side Photography
Marwan Al-Soltany I Typography
This Website xD Web Design
Natural Beauty Photography
Died Sea Side Photography
MAKS's Logo I Design
A glass of tea Photography
School Days Photography
Sunshine Photography
Law Statue Photography
Died Sea Flowers Photography
Sky & Mosque Photography

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